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Showing up for no other reason than for yourself to take a moment to re-calibrate - mentally, physically and emotionally. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming to a ū4ic slow burn flow, ū4ic sculpt flow or a ū4ic lit flow, we simply hold space for you to listen to your body and let your mind take the wheel.
Each instructor has the freedom and creativity to amplify their unique teaching style. Their style will inspire and motivate you from safely crossing over the monotonous comfort zone and into the growth and empowerment zone. And that’s when the mindset radically switches gears from “can’t do” into “ I absolutely can do”...otherwise known as hope!
Whether your body’s feeling on point to feel the burn and embrace the shakes or simply just to lie in stillness and soak in the energy, it’s up to you. At ū4ic yoga, you are free to just be yourself-fire it up in a flow state or stay in’s not that big of a deal! Our main goal is to get you on your mat and practice the here and now.
ū4ic yoga is a studio with a vibe that is located in Birmingham, Alabama. We are located at 2926 Central Avenue in the heart of Homewood, Alabama. We offer a variety of yoga classes such as Vinyasa, Beginners, Heated Power Flows and Yin.
We are open 7 days a week

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At u4ic yoga
2926 Central Avenue Ste. 106, Birmingham, AL 35209
Phone : 205.874.9333
Email :
Website :


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