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“To Serve You Is Our Pleasure” has been the mantra of Richmond Wholesale since its inception in 1959. Our parents and founders, Vern and Jeanne Doellstedt, believed fervently that everyone in the company should model that motto and all that it meant. As second generation business owners, we embrace this family legacy and emphasize that spirit of service to our employees, customers, business partners and community at large. Vern launched the enterprise with capital measured in pounds, not dollars—40,000 lbs. of pork feet and neck bones! With his first sales, he doubled his investment of 5 cents a pound into 10 cents and instantly became “profitable.” He eagerly hit the pavement with his aging panel truck and met with many owners of small Mom-and-Pop markets across the San Francisco Bay Area. Based on his naturally caring and collaborative personality, Vern promoted business strategies and agreements with those merchants that benefitted everyone concerned. His goal of helping his customers to grow successfully alongside Richmond Wholesale’s success continues to be one of our primary business tenets. We believe in Partnerships, not just sales and profit based relationships.
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2920 Regatta Blvd. Richmond, CA 94804, USA
Phone : 510.233.5111
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