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Robert Lamb grew up in Indianapolis where his father ran a flying service for Shank Airport. At that time, there was no connection to farming, just a dream. He received a business degree from Butler University and married Diana Bymaster in 1959. They spent four years in the Air Force, mostly in Italy. In 1963, they rented their first farm and began what’s become a family tradition.

As farming practices improved, Lamb Farms grew steadily through the years. In 1963, Bob rented 240 acres and raised cattle, hogs, and sheep. Today Lamb Farms owns 3,200 acres and rents an additional 6,000 (An acre is about the size of a football field.) to produce dozens of varieties of corn, popcorn, corn seed, wheat, and soybeans. Livestock has been eliminated from the operation except for the hobby animals for fun and education.

Lamb Farms, Inc., was formed in 1984 as it became apparent that Dean and Don both were interested in sharing the ownership of the farm. Bob, Diana, Dean and Don are the current stockholders.

Lamb Farms, Inc. is proud to have an exceptional team. Bob Basey, Mike Fishell, Dennis Carrell, Jeff Jones, Alex Lamb, Ashley Lamb, Adam Lamb, Jon Shultz, and Brian Smith are full-time employees. Each is extremely important to the everyday operation and success of Lamb Farms, its AgRecycle division, and its AgriStewards division. Farming today requires a great deal of technical expertise as well as responsibility in the operation of large, complex equipment.

It is a blessing to be able to farm. As farms get larger and efficiency improves, fewer and fewer people are needed to make a crop or raise an animal. It is, therefore, important for those people to be safe and responsible. We are keenly aware that conservation and environmental concerns are a high priority to achieve success. The spread of urban living makes it imperative that we make the best use of available land and that we work with non-farmers in the community to be good neighbors.



Lamb Farms
3490 N 500 E Lebanon, IN 46052
Phone : (765) 325-2037
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