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The story of how BLP Film Studios came to be started more than a decade ago when founder Jason Farmer’s son, Jason A. Farmer II (lovingly known as J-II) expressed an early interest in filmmaking.

What began as a casual hobby quickly developed into a passion for young J-II, and it didn’t take long to figure out that this young man was solidly on his career path. Farmer reached out to industry friends, asking who was available to help support his son’s developing interest. Before too long, doors began to open with entertainment professionals of every stripe offering to share everything they knew.

Farmer became involved on the set of several productions, serving as grip, camera assistant, gaffer — the list goes on — all with the goal of sharing the important industry skills he learned with his young son. Of course, predictably, Farmer found a passion of his own. Beginning in 2010, he shifted the focus of his business acumen to participate full-time in his newest enterprise: BLP Film Studios, a full-scale, world-class film production and content creation company.



BLP Film Studios
​254 Court Avenue, Suite 213 Memphis, TN 38103
Phone : 844-253-4567
Email :
Website :


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