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The Actors Studio is partnered with Pace University to offer a 3-year Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) Degree at our Actors Studio Drama School (ASDS). For more information about this separate MFA Program, please visit The Actors Studio is thrilled to be partnered with Ovation TV who will produce INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO, the classroom and craft seminar from the Actors Studio Drama School’s MFA Program at Pace University. Expect new episodes to be aired beginning in October 2019. Although it shares a similar name, INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO is separate from The Actors Studio. It is part of the curriculum at Pace University. For complete information on INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO, please visit The Actors Studio is not affiliated nor in partnership with any other organization or person with the notable exception of Pace University and Ovation TV. Any other organization or person using our trademarked name or logo is doing so without our permission, knowledge, or approval.
The Actors Studio
THE ACTORS STUDIO 432 West 44th Street New York, NY 10036
Phone : Phone 323-654-7125
Email :
Website :


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